A new idea for HHO production?
Or just an half backed one ?

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon this very youtube video  from user TheGuru2You:

I  copied  the circuit from the screen, here it is:

Today (15/05/11) I decided to reproduce this circuit.

I did  not use any HHO cell, neither a big transistor,  as I just wanted to test the circuit.

I tried it with the following specifications:

L1 and L2  are a toroidal bifilar coil.
Measured inductances = 2 *  0.31 milli Henry.

The transistor is a 2N2222.
The HHO cell is  replaced by a mere 92 nano Farad (measured) capacitor.

The voltage, the resistances and the potentiometer are  the same.

I did not use a 50 micro Farad cap because I found it too big.  I  first  used a 22 micro Farad one.

After  some explorations with the 10 K pot , I managed to trigger the CCT and got this kinda 'hacked' wave form:

Then I tried a 10 micro farad cap and I got the same type of wave form.

Finally, I tried a 1 micro farad cap and  I was able got get a continuous wave form:

Some ' zooms":

>>> So this cap the must be well chosen.

I  measured a  frequency of  about  23.1  KHZ.
The "'theoretical " frequency, according to Thomson formulas is  29.7 KHZ.
My freq. is about 20% lesser. According to measurement errors and parasitic resistances, I consider  that this CCT is working.

Thanks to  TheGuru2You and also to  ZeroFossillFuel and a third guy, whom I missed the name
 and who are mentioned in the video...

BTW, here is  my setup :

To be more precise, I put the 'dots' here :

Now, what is the new idea ?

According to  these facts:

1)  Jean Louis Naudin seems to have got some success in a , not completely finished (?),  Stanley Meyer 's WFC replication: http://jnaudin.free.fr/wfc/index.htm
He uses pulsed HT (1.4 kilo Volts) and managed to make some gas  out of distilled water electrolysis.

2) Bob Boyce get  indisputable results with  "mixed pulsed currents."
He use 3 mains frequencies :
42800 Hz , 42800 / 2 = 21400 Hz and  
42800 / 4 = 10700 Hz (lower octaves harmonics).

So, what about mixing the two  processes?

1) What about using 1000 to 1200 volts in the "Self powering resonant circuit" instead of only  12 volts?

It exists, at least; one transistor that could do the job, it is the BU508.

The complete Data Sheet can be found here
: http://freenrg.info/DataSheets/BU508.pdf

2) What about  using an old fashioned  Air Variable Capacitor to get the 42800 Hz  frequency?

This kinda 'beast"  ( 2 * 30-500 pico Farad)