Welcome to my Breton's small music page

I used to arrange some traditional Breton's tunes from the "Barzaz Breiz"

According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_of_France
"The documented history of Breton music begins with the publication of Barzaz-Breizh in 1839. A collection of folk songs compiled by Hersart de la Villemarqué, Barzaz-Breizh helped keep Breton traditions alive."

And to http://www.123exp-compose.com/t/00234307384/
'The Barzaz Breiz ( "The Plaints of Brittany", Barz refers to "barde" and Breiz means "Brittany") is the collection of Breton folk tales, legends and music collected by Théodore  Hersart de la Villemarqué and published in 1839.  Hersart grew up in the manor of Plessix in Nizon, near Pont-Aven, half Breton himself.'

I propose you 3 tunes (and 3 .mp3 and one .mid files). Please, feel free to download. There is no 'copyright fees' here. Juste give me credit (Jean-Yves Hervouet) shoud you use any of them for any commercial purpose.

1) Gwin ar c'Hallaoued
The Wine of Gaul (the French). A warlike song.
The Breton  lyrics can be found here:
A .mid  of Gwin ar c'Hallaoued from the Barzaz Breiz initial tune is here..
My .mp3 version is here: JYH_Gwin_ar_C_Hallaoued_Arrang.mp3 (5 Meg.)

2) Ar Baradoz
The Paradise/Heaven.
The Breton and French  lyrics can be found here:
A .mid of Ar Baradoz from the Barzaz Breiz initial tune is here.
A .pdf staff is here.
I have also uploaded here (8 meg) an You-Tube vid. where this tune is harp played with a good feeling (IMO).
Initial URL : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vEcjRxAIN0

My .mp3 versions can be found here:
JYH_Ar_Baradoz_Soft_Arrang.mp3   (2.7 Meg.)
JYH_Ar_Baradoz_Hard_Arrang.mp3 (4.4 Meg.)

This weep-producing canticle is still organ-played and sung during (Catholic, of course)  funerals in Brittany.

BTW: I whish this 'hard' version of the canticle were played when I die... (the later, the best, of course!).
Why this version? Because it is not so tears-inducing and  more warlike - as, according to Kyle Griffith - there is a War In Heaven.
His book is from: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/revolutionizing_reality/files/ and can be downloaded here
(WiH0806.doc (721K)).

3) An Ifern
The Hell.
The Breton  lyrics can be found here:
A .mid of An Ifern from the Barzaz Breiz initial tune is here.
My .mid version is here.
Guess what? This  hymn is (no more?) sung in churches.