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Davey Heater Versus DallasGoldBug Electrodes

Is  the secret in shapes?

The Dallas_Gold_Bug's 5 cups Electrodes

My 3 cups gizmo (one of my Peter Dahys Davey's heater)

This ugly "thing" can:

1) When DC plugged: produce some gas (but, obviously less than the DallasGoldBug electrodes). Measurements to come ASAP.

2) when AC plugged:  heat water very fast with a capricious, unpredictable and  irritating COP between
0.91 and 1.1 !    Please check  this page  for more precisions.

For the moment, I dare not to 'AC plug' the DallasGoldBug electrodes.
But I will do it. I bet that could also boil water with a good (and perhaps more stable) COP!

The2 (or 3) cups detailed

Tow (or  3 cups) disposition  for electrolysis and also heating:

Tow cups disposition for heating only: