Some images ar clicable for enlargement.

My (failed) attempt  at
the Jean Louis Naudin's WFC replication

I'm refering to:
Water Fuel Cell ( WFC ) Researches

I got/DIYed all the bl' stuff
DIY = Do It Yourself
bl = bloody

The DC PSU (Direct Curent Power Supply Unit):

The nice plastic box is from:

The bifilar coil:

The (old fashioned) trafo:

One, shabby designed cell,  but works with 'brute force':

I added one Fuse Box, just in 'case':

The very JLN's CCT:

Interpreted as such, but my old scope was OK :

The MOSFET interface, with easy transistor changing possibility:

I, of course, did not forget the HV diode from a microwave oven.

Guess what?

It did not f' work.
Not a mere bubble.

I just managed to blow up one MOSFET,
hence the easy transistor changing possibility
. :))

Now, I had not used the  BUK416-100 but a mere IRF 250 (or similar).

Secondly, to me, this CCT portion can lead to misinterpretation.
What about T2 (and T1,  BTW) ?

Are the numbers in this order:

Or in that one ?

For T2,  I  would had prefered something like:

Would Oliver be so kind as to pleasantly enlighten me?